Shark Tanked

I’ve been receiving a lot of emails and questions from clients and people in general regarding the latest weight loss product revealed on the popular show “Shark Tank” that seems to be galvanizing this country. I’ve reached out to other health professionals and colleagues to gain their insight surrounding this latest revelation. Here are my […]

“Watch Your Tone”

Whenever I encounter a new client or talk to a friend regarding fitness goals I can’t help to notice that “toning” their muscles and body seems to be the default plan within the conversation. I can’t help to respond by saying that the definition of “tone” refers to the state of contraction of a muscle. […]

Trust the Process: Resistance Training and Kids

Trust the Process Resistance Training and Kids As a young child with athletic dreams and aspirations I learned and became madly aware that lifting a weight in my prepubescent years was equally blasphemous as feasting from the garden of eden. For many years, the idea of young children and adolescents engaging in resistance training was […]

Why the A1C test trumps resting blood glucose numbers

Over the years, many diabetics including others potentially faced with insulin resistance living in a “pre-diabetic” state have been independently using home blood sugar testing methods to monitor daily blood glucose levels. These tests can generally include urine samples as well as simply pricking your finger. While these may be useful tools in managing your […]

Running vs. Walking

Q: Does running a mile burn more calories than walking a mile? A: Slightly Running will involuntarily increase heart rate and produce a higher rate of oxygen consumption as opposed to walking.  VO2 (or oxygen consumption) is a measure of the volume of oxygen that is used by your body to generate energy for your […]

Insulin Resistance

Does excessive weight gain cause insulin-resistance or does insulin-resistance cause excessive weight gain? It is well known that insulin resistance commonly coexists with obesity.  Dietary fat and high triglyceride counts have long been implicated as a driver of insulin resistance.  Many experts and health professionals strongly believe that being insensitive to insulin is still positively […]

Are you “Skinny Fat?”

Guys, are you maintaining your college-aged weight but are not feeling as firm or robust as you did in your early to mid 20’s?  You may feel confident and slim in your clothes but the mirror, your bathing suit and even your lady lets you know you’re skinny-fat.  The medical term for this is “MONW”, […]

Gluten – Don’t Believe the Hype!

A number of people erroneously believe that adopting a gluten-free can help them shed a number of unwanted pounds.  In reality, consuming gluten does not make you gain weight.  Similarly, gluten ingestion doesn’t necessarily make you gain weight.  People who gain weight are on the wrong side of the energy in/energy out equation.  Simply put, […]

The Truth About Water

Incredible as it may seem, water is quite possibly the single most important catalyst in losing weight and keeping it off.  Although most of us take it for granted, water may be the only true “magic potion” for permanent weight-loss. Water suppresses the appetite naturally and helps the body metabolize stored fat.  Studies show that […]

Defying the odds…my inspiration

  John Quinn is a miracle.  At 21 most people are just beginning their life, but for my younger brother John his life almost ended and was certainly changed forever.  In 1998, John was in a motorcycle accident that left him with a 10% chance to live.  He had suffered two broken femurs, a broken […]