John Quinn is a miracle.  At 21 most people are just beginning their life, but for my younger brother John his life almost ended and was certainly changed forever.  In 1998, John was in a motorcycle accident that left him with a 10% chance to live.  He had suffered two broken femurs, a broken arm, broken jaw, a head injury and a spinal cord injury that left him paralyzed from the waist down.  By the grace of God he survived.  It would be several months of hospitalization and rehabilitation before John could attempt to begin his new life.  It was there that he discovered that he would have to learn how to live life in a wheelchair.  Knowing this would require a great deal of acceptance and emotional adjustment, John sought strength in the spirit and formulated a new relationship with God.  He came to believe that he was put on this earth for a purpose and that only God had the perfect plan for him.  He had made a courageous decision to follow that unknown path.  After a year of being confined by self pity, anger and depression, John started living in the solution with his new found faith.  Magically, his life began to transform into a realm of relentless valor and positivity.  John attended school, earned a degree and started a new and promising career.  Furthermore, he had an appreciation for the newly erected sport of wheelchair bodybuilding.  His involvement as a competitor was an instant success!  Unfortunately, in 2004 John endured another set back sustaining a serious car accident which landed him in the ICU for three weeks.  He fractured both tibia, right hip and 90% of his facial bones.  It was difficult for me to comprehend how these horrific things could happen to such an extraordinary young man.  For John, it was just another opportunity to test his strength.  Once again, he was able to put calamity aside and channel his new way of thinking into a valuable asset and learning experience.  In the years to come, John remained resolute and possessed an unshakeable attitude.  He soon secured a sales job in the healthcare industry which allowed him to serve people in the community on a daily basis.  Additionally, John engaged in motivational speaking with efforts to empower others by sharing his message of strength and hope.  His passion for wheelchair bodybuilding persisted and in 2012, John was crowned NPC National Champion at the amateur level.  He now competes professionally with the country’s elite; an achievement that needs no explanation.  Today, the man leads by example and John will tell you he is “living the dream”.  His strength has given me a new perspective in this world.  His existence gives me fortitude to persevere through the challenges of everyday life.  His ability to thrive in moments of extreme misfortune and tremendous adversity is attractive, heroic and nothing short of amazing.  Undoubtedly, John has made an indescribable and everlasting impact on my life.  I am one proud and grateful brother.