Let's Go Shopping

Make the next trip to the food market a valuable and educational experience with a personal health and wellness coach!

What’s in your food cart? Having a knowledgeable sidekick with you can make a real difference to crush unhealthy and chronic dietary habits.

Our professional’s insight and guidance will empower you to make more sensible and healthy food choices while strolling through the aisles of your local food market.

Our primary aim is to encourage modifications in your nutritional behaviors and transform old habits into new attitudes to bring about an authentic lifestyle change. This will promote favorable shifts in body composition while reducing stress and risk of disease.

“The commitment to self-care and empowerment begins with awareness. Your quality of choices will always define the quality of your day. Appropriate nourishment is the foundation to cultivate a full, flavorful and robust life. Embrace the journey!”


Shopping with Emily

$ 100 per trip