I’ve been receiving a lot of emails and questions from clients and people in general regarding the latest weight loss product revealed on the popular show “Shark Tank” that seems to be galvanizing this country. I’ve reached out to other health professionals and colleagues to gain their insight surrounding this latest revelation.
Here are my thoughts:

The recent miraculous discovery of the spice turmeric that claims to effortlessly melt away body fat seems more dubious than watching David Copperfield making the Statue of Liberty disappear into the darkness of night.
In my opinion, there is a greater chance of finding life form on Mars than defying the laws of science, namely in the branch of thermodynamics.
From a scientific standpoint, stored energy (excess body fat) can be converted into usable energy but it cannot magically be destroyed. Fat loss or a reduction in body fat occurs through a process called lipolysis which happens during periods when energy expenditure exceeds caloric intake.
The reality is that stored energy (body fat) can only be broken down, used for energy and eventually be reduced when a moderate deficit of energy is achieved through dietary manipulation (caloric restriction) in addition to physical activity over a period of weeks at a time. This is an unbreakable law of science and the most sensible path to fat or weight loss.

I’ll admit that I’m not a frequent viewer of the show, however I suspect this latest ploy was orchestrated by desperate producers attempting to boost ratings. Furthermore, this cunning strategy transmits a toxic message filled with misguided information to a national public which is already thirsting to discover an instantaneous solution to weight/fat loss that seems “too good to be true.”

In reality, turmeric is a natural spice that can be ingested in powder, pill or liquid form. Turmeric may elicit powerful anti-inflammatory effects that can promote healing to the body’s tissues. It can also potentially reduce oxidative stress, boosting the immune system by minimizing the formation of free radicals in the blood. Studies have suggested that regularly ingesting this spice may deliver value and promote systemic healing to our body’s cells. Daily turmeric supplementation may also help manage emotional anxiety. As with most natural therapies and supplements, the efficacy and long term effects can vary from person to person depending on variables such as body chemistry and rate of absorption.
That said, I am an advocate and believer of holistic approaches or therapies when it comes to healing the body. I have taken the plunge and have decided to experiment with turmeric supplementation daily and have pleasantly noticed a reduction in joint pain and muscle inflammation. I conclude, that while turmeric may be a valuable supplement to overall health and wellbeing, there is simply no magic inherent within this product that directly impacts the reduction of adipose (fat) tissue.

Bottom line:
After conversing with several reliable sources, including educated health and wellness professionals on the subject, the consensus is such that any benefit or impact turmeric may have on energy balance is derived from appetite control or a placebo effect (Tringali, 2018).