Certified Personal Trainer

Twenty years ago Jocelyn began a lifelong journey of health and wellness. Integrating exercise and nutrition into her life lead to a total transformation. With greater confidence, strength, energy and happiness, there was no turning back. Health and wellness has evolved from a healthy habit into a lifelong passion. This excitement along with her expanded knowledge and experience is what propelled Jocelyn to pursue a career in personal training.

In 2016, Jocelyn earned her personal training certification through the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and began providing one-on-one services to clients of various ages and walks of life. These programs are precisely tailored to the client’s needs, goals and physical abilities. She owns an extensive background in weight training, Pilates, core strengthening and circuit training. She also postulates that cardiovascular endurance, balance, stability and flexibility are also essential components to a well-rounded program.

Recently, Jocelyn has bolstered her credentials by obtaining the title as a certified ACE Health Coach. This has allowed her to elicit skills in goal setting, motivational interviewing while fostering healthy behavioral change among her clientele. She is resolute that health and wellness embodies more than just exercise and nutrition and that mindfulness and positive thinking must be incorporated into her client sessions.

Currently, Jocelyn is employed as a full-time art teacher and works as a part-time Personal Trainer and Health Coach for Pro Q Fitness. With the aspirations of ultimately making health coaching and personal training a full-time career, she remains passionate and devoted. With a gift for inspiring others, Jocelyn will continue to create positive exercise experiences influencing her clients to discover their own love for health and wellness.

EDUCATION: BFA, Temple University, Magna Cum Laude, MA, Cabrini College, Suma Cum Laude
CERTIFICATION: American Council on Exercise, CPR/AED, American Red Cross
EXPERIENCE: Specialized in weight training, strength and conditioning, and circuit training. Extensive experience with various types of exercise equipment. Experienced in group training and HIIT training Fitness and Nutrition Challenge programs.